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Hello, I'm Monte.  Thank you for stopping by and checking out some of my work!  I am the owner and sole photographer of Monte Spears Photography...but you probably already figured that out.  My photography experience includes a little bit of everything.  Each person, group, event or product I photograph presents a unique challenge.  Regardless of the situation I am able to capture sharp, well composed, color correct images (sorry, no instagram filters here. I really, really don't like them).  With these images I strive to elicit an emotion or tell a story.  I hope you consider giving me the opportunity to help you share your story!


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Guestbook for Monte Spears Photography
Dan Sheridan
Hey man! Was great meeting you at Wilkins. Hope to see you there next year!
Dennis Boyer "Joe Dirt"(non-registered)
I enjoyed meeting you at the Unchained event on September 6.
Dennis Boyer(non-registered)
Great pics Monte
Ernie Hagood(non-registered)
Thanks for the great pictures of our trucks at the show. Great job
TRAYCI A THOMPSON(non-registered)
Your daughter and I have recently became acquainted and found out that we are both so interested in photography and have the passion to take it further....she told me about your site and just wanted to say your pics are awesome.
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